One on One Training


Session includes goal setting, talk about nutrition and weightlifting. And then you will  be put through a workout to meet your level of fitness and experience.

Session Duration :60 min   Cost: $110

Couples Training : 60 min   Cost: $140



Group Training  


Group sessions are based on functional training e.g lunges, squats, burpees, pushups, kettlebell work, running etc etc. I am a big believer in having the correct form and technique so I keep my groups small so that way I can correct and keep an eye on every one.

Min of 3 people,  max of 5 people.

Session Duration: 45min   Cost: $35


Corporate Training


Teamwork and leadership underpin success in business, with physical fitness providing a demonstrated contribution to mental agility and resilience to stress.

Contact Nino to enquire about corporate training and pricing.